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Length (Feet) Width (Feet) Height (Feet) Trunk (Cubic feet) Passengers
14.3 6.76 4.8 13.56
Car Model Transmission No. of Gears Bluetooth MP3 AUX jack USB Connector Leather
Diesel Automatic GPS Automatic 6 Yes Yes Yes No
Diesel Manual GPS Manual 6 Yes Yes Yes No
Gasoline Manual GPS Manual 6 Yes Yes Yes No
The Megane is widely praised for being a car that combines it all: a body that incorporates sporty styling and robustness, an interior that exudes an impression of traveling comfort, that can boast best-in-class front elbow room and comfortable 830mm of headroom in the back. It also comes with a long list of technological and features traditionally associated with the next segment up. And when it comes to the engines, the dCi turbo-diesel engines are famous for their efficiency and punchy responsive performance. No wonder it is one of our top sellers. Comparably sized vehicles in the USA : VW Jetta, Honda Civic.