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Length (Feet) Width (Feet) Height (Feet) Trunk (Cubic feet) Passengers
15.2 7 5.5 21
Car Model Transmission No. of Gears Bluetooth MP3 AUX jack USB Connector Leather
5/7 Seats Blue Dies Automatic GPS Automatic 6 Yes Yes Yes No
5/7 Seats Gasoline Automatic GPS Automatic 6 Yes Yes Yes No
5/7 Seat InitPar Blue Dies Manual GPS Manual 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Famous for its unrivaled expertise in building multi purpose vehicles (the MPV segment) Renault pushes the challenge further with the Grand Scenic. It is not simply a Scenic with a longer body:it has a new, longer wheel base and this extra space - gained without losing in security and road handling - can be used in two ways: either more seating room (up to 7 seats with 7.35 cubic feet of trunk capacity) or even more space for cargo (21 cubic feet of trunk space in a 5 seater configuration ). The Grand Scenic truly stands out as one of the roomiest compact seven-seat MPV in the market. Comparably sized vehicles in the USA: Dodge Caliber, Hyundai Veracruz.