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Length (Feet) Width (Feet) Height (Feet) Trunk (Cubic feet) Passengers
13.3 6.4 4.8 10.6
Car Model Transmission No. of Gears Bluetooth MP3 AUX jack USB Connector Leather
Diesel Manual GPS Manual 5 Yes Yes Yes No
Gasoline Manual GPS Manual 5 Yes Yes Yes No
RS220 Trophy Gasoline Automatic GPS Automatic 6 Yes Yes Yes No
The Clio combines low fuel consumption with driving pleasure thanks to a significantly updated range of engines. The Clio's styling, comfort, versatility, safety credentials and equipment, form a package usually found in models from the next segment up. It appeals to a large, loyal customer base worldwide. ALL MODELS COME WITH FOUR DOORS. Comparably sized vehicles in the USA : Toyota Yaris, Chevrolet Sonic.