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Length (Feet) Width (Feet) Height (Feet) Trunk (Cubic feet) Passengers
13.3 6.4 4.8 10.6
Car Model Transmission No. of Gears Bluetooth MP3 AUX jack USB Connector Leather
Diesel Automatic GPS Automatic 6 Yes Yes Yes No
Diesel Manual GPS Manual 5 Yes Yes Yes No
Gasoline Manual GPS Manual 5 Yes Yes Yes No
The most stylish Clio yet. This 4-door model combines great economy and performance with room for five passengers. Clio's styling, comfort, versatility, safety credentials and equipment form a package usually found in models from the next segment up. This model features many high-tech comfort features such as an intuitive multi-lingual GPS, hands-free Bluetooth and full LED Pure Vision head-lights for better road visibility and aesthetics. Comparable models: Audi A1, VW Polo, Mini Cooper.